Kristen & Mark|Tied the knot

Wedding Photography Highlights

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Galeski
Kristen and Mark tied the Knot on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016, and I am so excited to share their wedding photography highlights. Capturing the private moments shared between a couple, standing from afar, photographing as they make each other flirt, laugh and giggle with one another.  It was an honor to photograph their engagement session, which was held at Blackhawk High School.  They wanted to revisit where they first met.  Special moments were recreated in classroom that they had once shared.  It was in that moment that fell in love with photographing this couple.  That moment when you see true love in the googly eyes, laughs, and facial expressions.  You never know what exactly they are whispering about, but you know it’s got to be good.  Isn’t it great that I get to fall in love with my couples?  They choose me as much as I choose them, and that matters!
  It was a small, traditional and absolutely beautiful  ceremony that was held at the Chippewa United Methodist Church.  After some church portraits, we stopped by Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, for an on location portrait session. We used the beautiful architecture of the buildings, including Old Main, as a backdrop.  Thereafter, a night of celebrating with family and friends at The Fez in Aliquippa, PA.  We wish them nothing short of a life full of love, many blessings, and eternal happiness.
Wedding photography Highlights

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Tom & Kelsie|Wedding Photography

Wedding photography|St. Francis Cabrini|Robert Morris University

Kelsie and Tom tied the Knot on Saturday, April 16th, 2016.  I love wedding photography. Photographing the unity of a couple.  
Kelsie and I met for a wedding consultation more that a year before her wedding date.  I remember knowing instantly that she was a bride that I had to photograph.  When she booked her wedding, I was ecstatic.  Moreover, She told me that Tom a love for photos, but I didn’t meet him until the day of their engagement session.  It was an honor to photograph their engagement session.  We went to Brush Creek State Park. Since that time, I find that I choose this location for many different sessions.  It’s a location that works well for many different types of photography.
Anyway, I fell in love with this couple almost immediately.  After their engagement session, I couldn’t wait for their wedding day.  At that point, 9 months seemed like an eternity.   Finally their wedding day came.  They had a traditional and absolutely beautiful  ceremony was held at St. Francis Cabrini, Monaca, PA.  We stopped by Robert Morris University, Moon Twp. PA, for an on location portrait session.  This location offers many beautiful backdrops, but when I saw the Massey Garden, I knew we had to use it.  I can only hope that the next time I come to this location the Wisteria vines are in bloom.  Finally, then off to the Sheradon in Moon Twp. to celebrate with family and friends.  
Above all we wish this couple a happy ever after, a life full of love and blessings.
I am so excited to document their lives together, and cannot wait to capture their many milestones to come.

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Wedding Photography|Irvine Park

Beaver Gazebo wedding

Rachel and Brandon tied the knot, and this Beaver gazebo wedding was nothing short of spectacular.  It was a beautifully intimate wedding ceremony at the gazebo of Irvine Park in Beaver, Pennsylvania on Friday, July, 3rd, 2015. Ironically, the modern expressions, “tying the knot,” “bonds of matrimony” and “hand in marriage” all hail from the ancient traditions of twisting the bride’s and groom’s clothing together or wrapping their wrists with braided cords, grasses or vines.  None the less, a Celtic tradition representing the intertwining of the two individual lives into one.


Beaver gazebo wedding | photographers backstory

Let’s rewind a moment …  I was so very nervous to photograph their special day, I never got to meet the Bride or Groom face to face.  After I meet a Bride and Groom I begin to envision different poses, and the ideal settings to capture their unique style.  Rachel and I only had a few phone consultations in the month leading up up to their “I Do’s”, but we shared each others expectations, and some pictures that gave me an idea of her style.

As a photographer, some of the most loved photos are of the groom when he first sees his bride.  She was beautiful,  I wish I had my second shooter just to capture the groom’s expression as she walked down the aisle.  No doubt I imagine it was a lot like mine, she was simply stunning!


After the ceremony we gathered with friends and family to capture portraits, and specious moments for the couple to enjoy for a life time to come.

Beaver gazebo wedding
Irvine park gazebo, Beaver, Pennsylvania

Their best friends at their side, to witness this special time of

Husband and Wife

Mother and Son, Father and Son

The day they made it official, the day they became one!

Congratulations Rachel and Brandon!

May your days be filled with much love and blessings from above.

“Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.”


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A wedding on the lake|Wedding Photographer|Conneaut Lake

Conneaut Lake Hotel wedding

Mark and Sara tied the knot on June 28, 2014!! A beautiful destination wedding held at the Conneaut Hotel in Ohio.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on the lake front.  We were so honored to capture their weekend full of beautiful memories with family and friends. Conneaut Lake Hotel wedding day highlights.

Conneaut lake hotel wedding
a wedding on the lake – Conneaut Lake Hotel

This beautiful and somewhat historic venue is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Conneaut park.  A location full of history and beauty.  Regrettably, we did not have time within the wedding day to use this beautiful location for the bride and grooms portraits.  I hope to one day return to this venue, and capture photos there as well.

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