How to:


This “how to” goes out to all of my clients.  I have been thinking about you.  With all of the copyright laws for images, there is a safe way to use images taken by others as your profile picture.  By using the steps listed below, you are not taking a screen shot of the photo, which is a copyright violation, along with removing a logo.

By following these simple instructions, you are helping to promote the business, and giving credit where credit is due.  Always make sure that your photographer allows you to use their photos, and KLB Studios loves when you do.

Never take a screen shot.  It looks bad, and you deserve an awesome profile picture!


From your computer …

Step 1 : Click on the image you desire as your profile image.

Step 2 : Click “options” on the lower right of the image.

Step 3 : Click “download”

Step 4: Go to downloads folder

Step 5: Upload the picture to facebook as your profile picture or cover photo.


From your phone … (works on most touch screen phones)

Step 1: Click on the photo

Step 2: Hold your finger down on the screen until a box pops up.

Step 3: Click Save photo

Step 4: Upload photo from your gallery to facebook.